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Contree in-house projects.

Rang De! Jaipur

Series of cleanliness and beatification drives organised across Jaipur city to make it cleaner and aesthetically beautiful by engaging local citizens in the form of school & college students and working professionals from corporate and government agencies.

Total Civic Sites: 81

Total Volunteers: 6,321

Total Benificeries: 3,12,000

Sarkari School Makeover

Worn-out government school is cleaned and beautified with the help of volunteers. Based on building-as-learning-aid (BALA) concept, classroom and corridor walls are painted with interactive academic designs which act as teaching-learning material (TLM) for teachers and students.

Total School Makeover: 29

Total Volunteers: 1,095

Total Benificeries: 4,660

Project Dropout

An initiative to promote menstrual hygiene management (MHM) among underprivileged adolescent girls in govt. schools, by creating awareness through curated workshops among govt. schools and slum communities.

Total Workshops: 16

Total Volunteers: 92

Total Benificeries: 480

Smiling Bag

An initiative to develop skills to make ecofriendly home-made alternatives of plastic bag.

Total Workshops: 59

Total Volunteers: 564

Replaced Plastic with paper bag: 2,880

Dr. Annu Bhatia

Principal, St. Edmunds, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur

Education is the most powerful mean which, when combines with values and life skills, create a perfect human being. This youth group always comes up with newer ideas, may it be plantation, cleanliness, health awareness drives or any other cause. The team has also worked towards community services by organising various sessions, workshops & activities on social issues which are required to create a holistic multi-disciplinary approach amongst the children and teachers. We'd like to acknowledge Team Contree for their continued collaboration with our school. Best wishes to the whole team.

Lokesh Ghiya

Anant Fellow & Civil Engineer

Contree came into my life when I was struggling to move forward in making a change for the built environment. The journey I have lived with all of them takes a special space in my life. I have lived a few moments of joy and hardships, with the team. This brings me to remember those instances when we would work tirelessly for days but return back with better energy levels. It's great to acknowledge the pool of generous volunteer Contree has created and I feel exuberant to be a part of them. I forward my thanks to Team Contree in allowing me 'Redefining the spirit of Jaipur'.

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